Provençal Line is part of the Sementinha Henn collection and has three products, in which we have worked to bring something different, enchanting and

100% MDF


  • Cribs with embossed Provençal appliqué
  • Cribs with casters
  • Sides with machined details
  • Wardrobe with hat and embossed Provençal appliqué
  • Drawers with telescopic slides
  • Door with machined details and glass
  • Mounting bracket

Products line

4-door Provençal wardrobe

H: 2205 x W: 1600 x D: 480 mm

Provençal crib small bed

H: 1245 x W: 1355 x D: 780 mm

1-door, 5-drawer Provençal dresser

H: 1110 x W: 1265 x D: 475 mm

Line Environments